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Home Energy Self-audit

HES-home-energy-self-auditHow would you like to learn more about how to conserve electricity in your home, lower your energy bills, and also receive a free kit to help you improve your energy efficiency…all without leaving home. With the new eScore Self Audit, you can. This easy-to-use online app guides you through a series of questions about various aspects of your home that affect its energy efficiency. Once completed, your home’s current level of energy efficiency will be provided, as well as a list of additional improvements you can make to further increase your home’s energy efficiency, thereby reducing your energy consumption and lowering your energy bills. In addition, a free energy efficiency kit which includes high-efficiency light bulbs, switch cover and outlet gaskets, and other energy efficiency measures will be mailed to you.

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To obtain the eScore Self Audit app for your mobile device, search for “eScore self audit” in the Apple App Store or Google Play.