Green Power Providers Program

Have you thought about producing your own electricity using wind or solar technology? If so, the Green Power Providers Program may be for you. The Green Power Providers Program, brought to you by TVA and Hopkinsville Electric System, offers technical support and financial incentives to homeowners and businesses that install renewable generation systems, such as wind, solar or methane.

Financial incentives are available to help defray the installation costs for the renewable energy generation system. In addition, there are federal tax credits available to further offset installation costs. Once the system is installed and operational, participants have the satisfaction of contributing to a cleaner environment while lowering their monthly energy bills through the revenue they generate selling their green power back to TVA.

For more information about the Green Power Providers Program, visit the Green Power Providers Program website

Going Green

A Solar Demonstration Project at Trail of Tears Commemorative Park

Hopkinsville Electric System in partnership with the Tennessee Valley Authority unveiled a Solar Demonstration Project recently installed at the Trails of Tears Visitors Cabin on East 9th Street, Hopkinsville.  The 2,700 kilowatt-hour per year solar panel was installed to demonstrate renewable or green power alternatives and is expected to generate electricity for 25 years or more.  During this time span, the clean energy produced by the panel will eliminate approximately 90,000 lbs. of CO2 emissions, an equivalent environmental effect of planting 13 acres of trees.

The panel does not power the cabin directly.  The energy produced by the panel is sold back to TVA and the cabin's electric bill is credited.  Last year the cabin used 21,000 kilowatt-hours, which means the overall electric bill for the cabin will be reduced by around 13 percent.

Hopkinsville Electric System paid for and will continue to own and maintain the solar panel equipment.  The cost of the project was about $21,000.  With the emphasis on renewable power and newly proposed clean air standards, the cost benefit of solar power will increase.  HES urges those considering installing green power sources to do business with a NABCEP Certified designer and installer, and also encourages those who are thinking of purchasing renewable energy sources to check out the federal and state tax credits that may be available. 

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