EnergyNet Mobile Frequently Asked Questions

What is EnergyNet Mobile?  EnergyNet Mobile is EnergyNet’s new city-wide wi-fi service that serves most outdoor areas of Hopkinsville inside the bypass and provides access to the internet using wi-fi enabled mobile devices.

What types of devices can I access EnergyNet Mobile with?  Any wi-fi enabled mobile device can connect to EnergyNet Mobile such as laptops, tablet computers, smart phones, and portable music devices to name a few.

Who can use EnergyNet Mobile?  EnergyNet Mobile is a new feature of EnergyNet’s residential high-speed internet service and is available to all subscribers of EnergyNet’s residential high-speed internet services.

Where can I use EnergyNet Mobile?  The EnergyNet Mobile wi-fi network covers most outdoor areas of Hopkinsville inside the bypass. However, your ability to connect to EnergyNet Mobile is dependent on many variables (capabilities of your device, distance to nearest EnergyNet Mobile access point, whether inside or outside of structures, etc.).

Can I use EnergyNet Mobile in my home?  EnergyNet Mobile may or may not work in your residence. For the best wireless performance inside your residence, EnergyNet recommends that you purchase and install a wireless router to connect to the receiver that EnergyNet will install for your home service. If you would prefer not to set up your own home wireless network, you may also upgrade to EnergyNet Plus. EnergyNet will install a wireless router to create a secure, encrypted home wireless network. This service costs $42.95 per month.

How do I access EnergyNet Mobile?  On your wi-fi enabled mobile device, pull up the list of available wi-fi networks. If EnergyNet Mobile is listed, choose to connect to it. When the box requesting the security key/password opens, enter "energynet." When you open your internet browser, EnergyNet Mobile’s login screen will display. Enter your username and password and click "Log In" to access the internet.

For step-by-step instructions on how to login to EnergyNet Mobile on various operating systems or devices, click here.

How do I get a username and password?  If you did not provide a username at the time you signed up for service, call 887-0763 to speak to an EnergyNet technician to set up your username. Your password will be provided at that time.

Why does my computer with Windows Vista or 7 connect to EnergyNet Mobile but I am unable to browse the Internet?  There is a known issue relating to how Windows Vista and 7 obtain network addressing for a given network using DHCP that causes this problem. A solution can be found here. IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: EnergyNet makes no guarantees regarding the aforementioned solution and accepts no responsibility, nor can be held liable for any damage that is incurred by following the directions of the solution.  EnergyNet strongly suggests that you seek the advice of a professional computer repair shop or technician before making changes to your computer.

Why am I required to logon periodically  Each time you logon, you start a new four hour session. When that session expires, you may logon to start another four hour session. Also, if your session becomes idle for ten minutes, your session is cancelled.

Can I make calls over EnergyNet Mobile with my cell phone?  No, EnergyNet Mobile is not a cellular service. It is a wi-fi internet service designed to allow EnergyNet customers to connect to the internet.

Is EnergyNet Mobile secure?  Even though you are required to submit a username and password to logon, EnergyNet Mobile is an open, unencrypted wi-fi service like most other public wi-fi services. It is recommended that no personal or confidential information be transmitted over these types of public wi-fi services unless a lock icon is present on the browser screen indicating that a secure end-to-end SSL connection exists between your computer and the webpage you are accessing. For more information about protecting your identity while online, read our Tech Tips article "Protecting your Identity Online."

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