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HES Lobby and Drive Thru Opening at 9:00 AM Today

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Critical Needs Customers

HES makes every effort to prevent outages, but sometimes storms, equipment failure, and other events cause them to occur.  Therefore, we want to help you to be prepared in case temporary power outages do occur.

The Hopkinsville Electric System (HES) Medical Necessity Program identifies customers who use certain electrically operated life-supporting medical equipment in their home.  The Program helps customers – for whom a service interruption could be immediately life threatening or would make operation of necessary medical or life-supporting equipment impossible or impractical – prepare for planned and unplanned power outages.

HES in no way guarantees that these services by HES will be carried out. Also, HES does not guarantee uninterrupted power service. Nor will a customer receive priority consideration for power supply restoration following an outage or loss of electric service.

Customers may request an application by coming to the Hopkinsville Electric System at 1820 East Ninth Street or by calling main office at 270-887-4200 or 270-887-4213.  This service is not available at the drive-up window. You may also download a copy of the policy and application by clicking here.


Click here to download safety tips for medical oxygen.