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Covid-19 Information- May 27th Update

The steps being taken by our community to slow the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) have placed tremendous financial...... Read More »
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Green Power Switch

So you’ve switched to CFL and LED light bulbs and upgraded to high-efficiency appliances, but you want to do more to “go Green” and help the environment. The TVA Green Power Switch program is designed to give you that option. Each $4 block you buy ensures that 150 kilowatt-hours of clean, renewable energy is added to TVA’s electricity mix. Buy one block or as many as you choose. The amount is added onto your monthly HES electric bill.

For more information regarding the TVA Green Power Switch program, visit the TVA website here.


Purchasing blocks of Green Power Switch does not reduce or offset the charges for your electricity consumption on your HES bill. All Green Power Switch contributions are forwarded directly to TVA for the purchase of energy from renewable resources.