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New Homes Program

Are you a homebuilder? If so, there are cash incentives available through the TVA and Hopkinsville Electric System New Homes Program if you choose to install certain electric equipment in the new homes you build. The incentives are available from $400 – $1,000 (see table below) depending on the type of equipment installed.

To begin the process, download the New Homes Program packet. Complete the enclosed forms and email or fax the completed forms to the addresses listed at the bottom of the forms. Once the new home is completed, complete and submit the New Homes Work Completion Form to receive the incentive.

If you are a homebuilder and require more information regarding the New Homes Program, call (615) 426-4015.

To download the New Homes Program information packet, click here.


New Homes Program Incentives

Incentive Classification Single Family Incentive Multi-Family Incentive
All Electric Home (No Gas) $1,000 $200
Electric Heat Pump & Conventional Electric Water Heater $800 $150
Electric Heat Pump $700 $100
Dual Fuel Heat Pump & Conventional Electric Water Heater $600 $0
Dual Fuel Heat Pump $500 $0
Mini-Split (Whole House) $400 $0
Conventional Electric Water Heater $300 $0