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Recent Winter Storm Power Outages and Looking Ahead to 2023

The extreme weather conditions on the mornings of December 23rd and 24th caused a tremendous demand on the TVA electric grid which covers 7 states and serves approximately 10 million customers. Hopkinsville Electric System and all of the 153 power distributors who purchase power from TVA were directed by TVA to implement planned intermittent power outages (rolling blackouts) to maintain system reliability. Per our emergency plan, HES rotationally switched off our substation breakers for 15 to 25 minute intervals throughout our service area to reduce power demand by 5% to 10% per TVA requirement.

During the 24 hours of December 23rd, TVA supplied more energy than at any other time in its history-740 gigawatt-hours, or 740 million kilowatt-hours. This 1 day kilowatt-hours usage is enough to supply HES with 2 year’s worth of energy. The cold also produced a winter record for peak demand of 33,425 megawatts at 7 p.m. CT on December 23rd when the regionwide average temperature was 9 degrees.

The sacrifices of each of our customers allowed TVA to maintain their generation system and avoid a loss of the power to the entire City of Hopkinsville and throughout the Valley. On behalf of HES/energynet and TVA, I would like to say THANK YOU to all of our 13,000 customers for your cooperation and patience during this artic winter event. I would also like to thank the dedicated employees of HES/energynet for sacrificing part of their Christmas holiday to keep our electric system working!

We cannot guarantee that the lights will never go off but our daily focus is on maintaining and strengthening our electric and telecom systems. HES/energynet takes this responsibility very seriously and is committed to providing safe, reliable and economical services to our customers as we move forward in 2023. We appreciate the opportunity to be your local not-for-profit municipal utility in the coming year!