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Hopkinsville Electric’s new Pay-As-You-Go program gives customers a whole new way to pay for their electricity usage. Rather than receiving a normal monthly electric statement, customers can pay as much or as little as they choose to “load” money into their account. Each day’s usage is deducted from the account. When the account balance gets low, simply load more money into the account. Text or email notifications can be set up when the balance falls to a selected level.

Some highlights of the Pay-As-You-Go program include:

  • Only $100 required to start service ($50 reserve, $25 connection fee, $25 of electricity)
  • No credit check
  • No late fees or reconnection fees
  • Pay whenever you want
  • Pay whatever you want ($25 minimum for payments in HES office)
  • Make payments by phone, online, in office or at MoneyGram locations

To start Pay-As-You-Go service:
Bring the following to the HES office:

  1. A current photo ID
  2. Proof you live at the address you are requesting service for (ex. deed, sales contract, lease or rental agreement)
    *Not required if you are converting your current HES account to Pay-As-You-Go.
  3. $100 (cash, check or credit card)
    *$75 if you are converting your current HES account to Pay-As-You-Go. However, if account has been disconnected, there will be a $25 reconnect fee.

What do Pay-As-You-Go customers have to say about the program?

“I enjoy that it’s not just another chunk of money that has to be paid out—the smaller payments are more manageable. I also enjoy the website where I can track payments and usage, daily if needed.”

“I like that it keeps me energy conscious and more mindful about turning off unused lights or appliances. I feel like it’s helping me to save money as well.”

“I feel more in control of what I use and spend.”

Ask for the Pay-As-You-Go Pamphlet at the HES customer counter. 

Pay-As-You-Go FAQ

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