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Hopkinsville Electric System - EnergyNet Internet Services – Hopkinsville, KY

Residential Electric Services

Start/Stop/Transfer Service

HES may establish and collect standard charges to cover the reasonable average cost, including administration, of connection, reconnection, or disconnection of service. These fees are listed in the table below…[Read More]


Hopkinsville Electric’s new Pay-as-you-Go program gives customers a whole new way to pay for their electricity usage. Rather than receiving a normal monthly electric statement, customers can pay as much or as little as…[Read More]

View My Usage

Would you like to know how much electricity you used yesterday…or last week? Now you can by signing up at MyUsage.com. This free service is available to all HES customers. After a quick registration process, you…[Read More]

Bill Payment Options

You may pay your bill online, by phone, auto payments, or walking in to one of our locations…[Read More]


HES purchases all of its electricity from the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). This is fortunate because TVA provides some of the most affordable electricity in the U.S. In early 2016, only six states had cheaper electricity rates…[Read More]

Outage Information

At Hopkinsville Electric System, our goal is to keep the power on 100% of the time. However, circumstances beyond our control sometimes cause the power to go out…[Read More]

Security Lights

If you’d like a  little more nighttime lighting around your home or business, HES gives you the opportunity to have pole-mounted security lighting installed for a nominal installation fee and a fixed monthly charge…[Read More]

New Construction

To obtain electric service for a new construction, download and complete the Application for New Residential Service form…[Read More]

Temporary Service

Contractors or customers requiring electric service on a temporary basis may be required by HES to pay all costs for connection and disconnection incidental to the supplying and removing of service. This rule..[Read More]

Critical Needs Customers

HES makes every effort to prevent outages, but sometimes storms, equipment failure, and other events cause them to occur.  Therefore, we want to help you to be prepared in case temporary power outages do occur…[Read More]

Landlord Information

As a service to HES customers who have rental properties, we allow connections/disconnections by phone or fax. This allows you to put the property’s electric account into your name, or take the property’s electric account…[Read More]

Bill Dispute Process

Termination of service will occur if bill is not paid by the scheduled date of termination (15 days after the original due date). Requesting a hearing if the bill is disputed must be performed before the scheduled cut-off date…[Read More]