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Renewable Energy Certificates

Many large corporations have now set clean energy goals for their businesses. These goals usually state a date(s) at which time the corporation intends to be purchasing a certain percentage (or all) of their electricity from renewable energy sources. Some very large corporations have the capital to deploy their own renewable energy generation (solar panels, wind turbines, etc.) resources and generate their own electricity to meet their goals. But most medium to small businesses simply can’t afford to deploy their own renewable resources. So how can these responsible businesses still achieve their clean energy goals? Simple. They can purchase RECs.

RECS, or Renewable Energy Certificates, are market-based instruments that represent the property rights to the environmental, social and other non-power attributes of renewable electricity generation. A REC is issued each time one megawatt-hour of electricity is created and delivered to the grid from a renewable energy resource. However, all electricity generated becomes untraceable once it is delivered onto the power grid. So purchasing a REC allows a corporation to legally lay claim to a certain amount of electricity that was created with renewable energy sources. This in turn allows them to reach their clean energy goals without having to deploy their own electricity generation assets.

TVA’s Green Flex Program allows valley corporations and businesses to purchase RECs directly from TVA. TVA sells RECs for $2.50 each with a minimum annual required purchase of 2,000 RECs. This charge is billed on your monthly electric bill in addition to the normal monthly charges.

For more information regarding TVA’s Green Flex Program, click here. You may also speak directly with a TVA representative by calling 866-673-4340.