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Security Lights

If you’d like a  little more nighttime lighting around your home or business, HES gives you the opportunity to have pole-mounted security lighting installed for a nominal installation fee and a fixed monthly charge. Depending on the lighting needs, HES can provide a standard security light or a floodlight. Both light types are also available in different wattage for different levels of brightness. To request the installation of a security light, fill out and submit the form below. A member of the HES engineering department will contact you to discuss your request.

Security Light Charges  (Effective 12/1/2023)

Type of light Monthly Charge* Construction Charge
65 watt LED security light $9.14 $20.00
110 watt LED security light $11.63 $20.00
150 watt LED security light $13.03 $20.00
200 watt LED flood light $18.73 $20.00
100 watt security light (no longer available) $8.58 $20.00
250 watt security light (no longer available) $14.67 $20.00
400 watt security light (no longer available) $19.45 $20.00
250 watt floodlight (no longer available) $15.99 $20.00
400 watt floodlight (no longer available) $20.29 $20.00
Additional Pole $3.00 $100.00

 *Monthly Charge subject to monthly adjustment based on current fuel prices.

Security Light Application