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Hopkinsville Electric System - EnergyNet Internet Services – Hopkinsville, KY

Meter Base Information

Hopkinsville Electric System will accept the following electric meter base types. A compatible meter base may be accepted with the approval of the HES Engineering or Metering Department upon request by the customer.

100 Overhead * Milbank U7487
200 Overhead * Milbank U7021
200 Underground * Milbank U25690
200 Overhead/Underground – 2 Position * Milbank U1252
200 Overhead/Underground – 3 Position * Milbank U1253
200 Overhead/Underground – 4 Position * Milbank U1254
400 Overhead * Milbank U2448
400 Underground * Milbank U2448-X

All 400 amp meter bases will require a bypass lever. If the customer installs a bolt in style meter base, the customer will be responsible for providing a compatible A base meter adapter for HES provided meters, such as a Marwell SP-2387-K7-2-2S for single phase and Marwell SP-2387-K7 for three phase.

Meter Base Identification Tag Requirements

HES requires each electric meter base for buildings with multiple units, such as duplexes, apartments, office buildings, etc., to be labeled (Example: Apt. 1, Upstairs Apt., Suite 2A, etc.) as listed on the HES bill with a permanent identification tag.

HES requires the identifications tags to be outdoor rated brass or stainless steel permanent tags with a minimum tag size of 1’’x3’’.

Characters must be stamped or engraved into the tag and attached with rivets or screws to the front of the meter panel or below the main breaker.