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Residential Energy Efficiency

Home Energy Self-audit

How would you like to learn more about how to conserve electricity in your home, lower your energy bills, and also receive free kit to help you improve your energy efficiency…all without leaving home. With the new eScore Self Audit, you can…[Read More]

eScore Program

Because HES purchases its power from Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), HES is able to offer various TVA programs to its residential customers. One such program is the eScore Program….[Read More]

Heat Pump Loan Program

Has your heating and air-conditioning unit failed or is it on its last legs? Most people are unprepared for the expense of replacing their unit. That’s where the HES Heat Pump Loan Program comes in. HES customers who qualify…[Read More]

Green Power Providers Program

Green Power Providers (GPP) is an innovative and sustainable program offered by TVA and Hopkinsville Electric System to encourage the development of solar, wind, biomass and low-impact hydro generation systems across the Tennessee Valley…[Read More]

Green Power Switch

So you’ve switched to CFL and LED light bulbs and upgraded to high-efficiency appliances, but you want to do more to “go Green” and help the environment. The TVA Green Power Switch program is…[Read More]