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Electric Safety Demonstration

Hopkinsville Electric System offers an electricity safety demonstration program for local schools.  The primary purpose of this program is to instruct children on the safe use of electricity.  Some of the subjects addressed during the demonstration include:  basic electricity terms, using care when operating electrical appliances, the dangers of downed power lines, and the dangers of flying kites near power lines.

As your hometown electric utility, we feel that it is important to inform the children what can happen if they don’t “play it safe” around electricity in the home, school and playground. We try to make this a fun learning experience for the children.

We want to bring this program to your school as part of your curricular activities.  Or, plan a field trip to our office at 1820 E. 9th Street to see this safety demonstration.  To arrange a date and time, please contact us at 887-4210 or email kblair@hop-electric.com.

We look forward to visiting with your class.