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Outage Information

If your power goes out, please call us at (270) 887-4216 to let us know. If the phone is busy, we are most likely already aware of the outage because we receive hundreds of calls during an outage. We do our best to post outage information to our Facebook page and activate the orange alert bar on our website to keep you informed. Once you have informed us of your outage, additional phone calls are unnecessary. Our new outage map shows all homes that are without power.

Outage Restoration Process

1.Remove any public safety threats, such as downed power lines on the street or ground.

2.Restore power to HES substations (power distribution points)

3.Repair main distribution lines.

4.Repair single phase lines that serve subdivisions and residential customers.

5.Repair individual service lines going directly to homes or businesses.

How to help HES during an outage

After a storm passes, if you are aware of damage to a utility pole or lines, the best thing you can do is provide us with the address, a description of the damage, and if possible, photos of the damage. During previous outages, customers have sent this information to us on our Facebook page, or by using the Facebook Messenger app, which we continually monitor during outages. By getting this information to us as quickly as possible, this eliminates the need for us to drive the electric circuits ourselves to find the problems. This in turns allows us to begin repairs quicker, shortening the total duration of the outage.

Service Entrance Damage: During a severe storm, it is not uncommon for the electric service entrance on a home or business to be damaged. If the service entrance is damaged, it is the property owner’s responsibility to have the service entrance repaired by a licensed electrician and inspected by a KY certified electrical inspector before HES can reattach the electric service line and restore power to the home or business.

Once the service entrance has been repaired, it must be inspected by a KY Certified Electrical Inspector. A list of local certified electrical inspectors is below.

  • Mark Gary- (270) 305-9256
  • Roger Guinn- (270) 350-2385
  • Donald Henry- (270) 556-3377
  • Lewis Hopper- (270) 886-7964
  • John Jenkins- (270) 952-2301
  • Terrill Snodgrass- (270) 543-2747

(If you are a Kentucky-certified electrical inspector and would like to be added to this list, email: engineering@hop-electric.com)

Outage FAQs

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