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Business Energy Efficiency

Technical Assistance

HES, in conjunction with the Tennessee Valley Authority, offers a comprehensive technical services program for commercial and industrial customers. Some of the engineering and technical services offerings available are…[Read More]

Green Invest Program

Green Power Providers (GPP) is an innovative and sustainable program offered by TVA and Hopkinsville Electric System to encourage the development of solar, wind, biomass and low-impact hydro generation…[Read More]

Green Switch Program

Energy efficiency for your business isn’t just about saving money. It’s also about being a responsible corporate citizen in your community. It’s about demonstrating your business’ commitment to a greener planet and healthier future for our…[Read More]

EnergyRight Solutions for Business

Because HES purchases its power from Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), HES is able to offer various TVA programs to its Business and Industrial customers. One such program is the EnergyRight Solutions for Business + Industry Program…[Read More]

Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Incentive

In an effort to fight Covid-19, the TVA EnergyRight program is offering local businesses and industries an incentive to install UVGI technology in HVAC duct systems….[Read More]

Renewable Energy Certificates

Many large corporations have now set clean energy goals for their businesses. These goals usually state a date(s) at which time the corporation intends to be purchasing a certain percentage (or all) of their electricity from renewable energy sources…[Read More]