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New Minimum Credit Card Payment Amount

Effective January 31, 2022, a minimum credit card payment of $25 will be required when making payments using the...... Read More »
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Bill Dispute Process

Termination of service will occur if bill is not paid by the scheduled date of termination (15 days after the original due date). Requesting a hearing if the bill is disputed must be performed before the scheduled cut-off date.
The procedure to request a hearing is outlined below:

  1. Hearings on disputed bills shall be held by appointment at the Hopkinsville Electric System office between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. on any business day.
  2. A customer requesting a hearing has the right to examine Hopkinsville Electric System’s records pertaining to the customer’s service.
  3. A customer requesting a hearing has the right to have a representative at the hearing to testify and to present witnesses.
  4. A Hearing Officer duly appointed by the General Manager shall conduct hearings.
  5. The Hearing Officer shall hear the evidence, render a decision in writing and shall promptly provide the customer a copy of such decision.
  6. If the customer believes the decision of the Hearing Officer is in error and requests an appeal hearing by noon of the next following business day, or if the Hearing Office referred the matter to a higher level, a hearing shall be conducted by an Appeals Officer duly appointed by the General Manager. The Appeals Officer shall hear evidence and render a final decision in writing and shall promptly provide the customer a copy of such final decision.
  7. The customer has the right to a post termination hearing under the above procedures if there was no hearing before termination, if the customer requests such post termination hearing within three business days following such termination.


The customer’s service shall not be terminated until an appropriate decision is reached under (1) through (6).

Special counseling is available to customers who are experiencing hardship or who have extenuating circumstances.

If you have followed the Bill Dispute process outlined above and are unsatisfied

with the final decision, you may contact TVA, the regulator of HES.


TVA website- www.tva.com/complaintresolution

Email- complaintresolution@tva.gov

Phone- 1-888-289-8409