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Bill Dispute Process

If payment is not received by the due date on the bill, HES may discontinue service 15 days after providing disconnection notice to the customer informing the customer of the electric service disconnection and offering the customer the opportunity to discuss their bill with an HES customer service representative. In most cases, the HES customer service representative can answer any questions about the bill and resolve any disputes. If resolution cannot be achieved with the HES customer service representative, the dispute will be brought to the customer service manager for review, and the customer service manager will attempt to reach a resolution with the customers.

Special counseling is available to customers who are experiencing hardship or who have extenuating circumstances.

If you have followed the Bill Dispute process outlined above and are unsatisfied

with the final decision, you may contact TVA, the regulator of HES.


TVA website- www.tva.com/complaintresolution

Email- complaintresolution@tva.gov

Phone- 1-888-289-8409