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Levelized Billing Program

The Levelized Billing program helps smooth out your monthly electric bills. Levelized billing prevents drastic changes in your bill due to major changes in the weather. The current month’s bill and the previous 12 months’ bills are used to calculate a levelized amount for your bill. After your first month’s levelized bill, if your account accrues a positive or negative account balance, this is also factored into calculating each month’s levelized billed amount. Because the levelized billed amount is recalculated each month based on a rolling 13 months of bills, there is no yearly reconciliation or need to “settle up” the account, unless you decide to cancel your participation in the program or you close your account.

To participate in the Levelized Billing program, you need to have lived at your address for at least 12 months and not paid late during those 12 months. To sign up for Levelized billing, you may visit the HES office at 1820 E. 9th street, or  complete the application below.

To enroll in the Levelized Billing Program, please complete the form below.


Levelized Billing Program Application

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  • By checking this box, I hereby authorize Hopkinsville Electric System to enroll me in the Levelized Billing program. I understand that I will be paying a "levelized" amount rather than the amount for my actual electric usage, and in some cases, may pay more than my actual electric usage. I understand that I may cancel my enrollment in this program at any time by contacting Hopkinsville Electric System at 887-4200