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Activities to Add to Your Summer Bucket List

As temperatures rise, it might be best to head indoors to avoid the heat or even a rainy day. Staying inside, with a bit of creativity, you can create a haven of entertainment and fun for your family.

  1. Search for New Recipes Online

Whether you’re into savory dishes, decadent desserts or refreshing beverages, there’s a recipe out there waiting for you to discover it. A quick search online or on Pinterest or Instagram, you can find plenty of recipes just waiting to be tried.

  1. Play Board or Card Games

You can’t go wrong with some friendly competition. Dust off your favorite board games or shuffle a deck of cards for classic games like Monopoly, Scrabble, Uno, or Poker. Looking for something new? Explore newer board game titles for some fresh entertainment. Don’t forget to stock up on snacks and beverages to keep the energy up during the games.

  1. Movie Night

Transform your living room into a cozy home theater. Create a line-up of must-watch films with popcorn, blankets and dimmed lighting. Be sure you have the best internet, so you don’t have to deal with buffer time. With fiber internet you can download a 2 hour HD-movie in 25 seconds (sign up here).

  1. Indoor Camping

If camping is on your to-do list this summer, but the weather had other ideas, try indoor camping. Set up a makeshift campsite in your living room with blankets, pillows, and fairy lights to mimic the night sky. Using your tablet or TV stream a crackling campfire and share stories and enjoy camping snacks like s’mores and hot dogs.