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Beginning Thursday, March 28th, the HES lobby will be closed for renovation. The HES drive thru will remain open...... Read More »
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Beware of Solar Scams

Solar energy is a hot topic today. And why not? The sun produces free energy every day. Solar panels capture this free energy, allowing a homeowner to reduce their electric bill and help the planet at the same time. What could be better, right? In theory, this all sounds good. But what typically isn’t considered is whether the solar panel system may cost more than the free energy it produces over its life.

Because more homeowners than ever are interested in solar energy, many unscrupulous solar businesses are popping up, hoping to cash in on the green movement. HES/energynet is aware that some of these untrustworthy companies have contacted our customers. For this reason, we’ve added some new information to our website about installing solar. On our new Residential Solar Panels page, we discuss how to assess the financial aspects of installing solar on your roof. We’ve also created a Residential Solar FAQs page that answers many questions related to residential solar arrays.

If you are interested in installing solar panels on your roof, it is imperative that you proceed slowly and carefully. Ask the solar salesperson to provide you with a copy of the written financial calculations for the total system cost and the estimated energy production in kilowatt hours and dollars for their recommended system. Check the math yourself using the NREL online solar calculator. Also ask the solar salesperson for a copy of the agreement so that you can read the fine print and fully understand what is and isn’t guaranteed with their system. Above all, do not allow them to rush you into making a decision. Solar panels last 25-30 years and the loans for systems typically range from 10-20 years. For such a long-term purchase, you should take all the time necessary to prove that the solar panel system will be of benefit to you. We also suggest watching the videos below and searching the term “solar scam” to better educate yourself on how consumers are getting misled in regards to installing solar panel systems on their home.

As a municipal electric utility, HES/energynet is here to serve the community. We fully support any customer wanting to install solar and will help in whatever way possible. But we’ve already witnessed our own customers purchasing solar panel systems based on unsubstantiated claims of how the system would benefit the homeowner. That’s why we want to make the offer to assist any customer going through the process of purchasing a solar panel system for their home. We’ll answer any questions you may have and evaluate any financial calculations regarding a proposed solar panel system for your home.

For assistance, contact Robert Kieffer at (270) 887-0767 or by email at: rkieffer@hop-electric.com.