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#CommunityPowered- People That Power Us

We like to think we make a positive difference in the community we serve. Our jobs are more than providing low-cost, reliable power and telecommunications.  It’s about people serving people, the core of the public power model.

So, today we highlight one of our own – Zach Thomas.  Zach has been a part of the HES/energynet team since 2016 and works in our energynet telecommunications department as a Telecom Technician. He also serves both telecom and electric customers in his role in the Customer Service Help Desk environment.  Zach also programs some of the equipment, preparing for home installation jobs.  When asked about his favorite part of the job, Zach says, “All of it! HES is my first career job and I enjoy being a part of the HES energynet team!” Zach received an Associates Degree from Hopkinsville Community College.  He enjoys going to the movies with his mom, working on all things computer, and is a proud new home owner.

HES/energynet is locally based, with offices you can visit or call directly to conduct business with employees, like Zach, who are part of the community. We don’t want you to spend more than you have to for energy. Our electric and internet rates are set to cover the cost of running our business and to make investments that will keep our system operating efficiently and reliably into the future.  After the bills are paid, the remaining funds are re-invested in our utility to make it better.

We celebrate the public power model all year long. And we say thank you for the trust you have placed in us. Our commitment is to the communities we serve. We’re your neighbors and we happily serve the people of Hopkinsville-Christian County today to generate a better tomorrow.

We live, work and play here, too! That’s what we mean when say we are Community Powered.”