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New Phone Scam- Credit Refund From Lawsuit Against HES

Unfortunately, we’ve received word from a customer that scammers are once again trying to scam our customers out of...... Read More »
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HES/EnergyNet Awards Two Scholarships

The 2020 HES/EnergyNet Scholarship recipients are John Cotthoff and Kathryn Stevens. Each recipient will receive a scholarship of $500.

John plans to attend the College of Engineering/Lewis Honors College at the University of Kentucky. John is pursuing a career in computer science.

Kathryn will be attending Hopkinsville Community College. Kathryn is pursuing a career in physical therapy, focusing on athletics.

Thank you to all the applicants of this scholarship, to their commitment to higher education, and for the opportunity to allow HES/EnergyNet to help them realize their professional goals through education.

L-R: Jeff Hurd- HES General Manager, John Cotthoff, John Peck- HES Board Chairman

L-R: Jeff Hurd- HES General Manager, Kathryn Stevens, John Peck- HES Board Chairman