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Considerations Before Installing Solar Panels

Over the last decade, the price to install solar panels has dropped approximately 65%. This has caused more consumers to consider installing solar panels on their roof tops. This in turn has created more solar panel installation businesses. But not all solar panel installation businesses are equal.

Recently, TVA alerted all TVA power distributors that solar contractors were becoming increasingly aggressive and misleading in their sales tactics. In some cases, erroneous information is being supplied to potential customers, including the overall benefits of installing solar panels, the interconnection requirements for local electric utilities, and the payback period for the installation costs.

Because of this, TVA has created useful information to help educate individuals and businesses considering installing solar panels. It is important to listen closely to sales presentations and thoroughly assess all financial calculations provided in regards to electricity generation, value of the electricity generated, and the payback period (or breakeven point) for the total cost of the installation.

Below is information prepared by TVA to educate consumers. Also included are links to the various programs TVA has in place in regards to solar panel installation. Recently TVA created their new “Green Connect” program to help Valley consumers connect with quality solar panel installers in the area. In addition, HES customers may contact HES to discuss the installation of solar panels on their roof or property and to review financial calculations provided by solar installers. HES and TVA fully support individuals and businesses wishing to install solar panels in an effort to help reduce carbon emissions and will provide any assistance necessary to educate and guide customers.

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