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HES Celebrates 78 Years of Powering Hopkinsville

On June 11, 2020, Hopkinsville Electric System, a locally owned municipal utility, will celebrate 78 years of service to the Hopkinsville community. Many things have changed since 1942 but our mission to provide safe, reliable and economical electric and telecom services is still the same. Hometown quality customer service, employee excellence and a safety first approach everyday are the essential components that allow HES & energynet to offer some of the lowest electric rates and high speed internet service in the region.

Today, HES & energynet serves over 13,000 electric customers and nearly 4,000 internet customers with a staff of 53 employees under the direction of a five-member board appointed by the Mayor and City Council. Since we are a local nonprofit company, all of our decisions are based solely on the best interest of our customers. This is especially true during calamities from storms which cause physical damage or a health pandemic which also brings economic hardship. We know that essential electric and internet services not only provide comfort and convenience but security by connecting our community to telemedicine, online education and work from home. HES & energynet has been conscious of the hardships our neighbors are facing and taken steps such as temporarily suspending disconnects, waiving late payment fees and increasing fiber capacity to help them through these difficult times.

As we look to the future, HES & energynet is upgrading our electric distribution system and substations, installing electronic meters and LED street lights as well as building a fiber network around the community to provide 1 GIG high speed internet service. All of these actions are being taken to ensure that our customers have affordable and dependable electric and broadband services not only now but for many years to come. This is in addition to the many energy saving and community development programs that are offered to all our customers.  As we celebrate another milestone, HES & energynet remains committed to high quality customer service provided by dedicated, professional employees who are a part of the community they serve.

THANK YOU are allowing us to be your “Hometown Service Provider”.


Jeff Hurd

General Manager