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Hopkinsville Electric System - EnergyNet Internet Services – Hopkinsville, KY

Introducing the new energynet.

This is our hometown. It’s country roads and short commutes. It’s startup businesses and friendly neighbors. We live here, we work here, and we play here.

energynet connects people, ideas, and communities. energynet allows families to connect with each other. energynet makes business easier, more nimble, more advanced. energynet connects skills and expertise with the people that need it the most.

Introducing the new energynet. Let’s connect.

Visit http://goenergynet.com.



energynet, a division of Hopkinsville Electric System, is investing in Hopkinsville to bring the city the next generation of digital infrastructure.  Gigabit fiber internet, offering speeds up to 1,000 mbps, is 100 times faster than traditional internet service.  The Hopkinsville-based company will be the first to make gigabit fiber internet service available city-wide and joins a handful of U.S. cities providing such a service.


“The ability to provide fiber internet service directly to the home is a game-changer for Hopkinsville.  The idea that connectivity is a luxury is a thing of the past.  By offering fiber internet service, we’re looking ahead and building infrastructure not only for today’s needs, but any future needs we might have as it relates to connectivity,” says Jeff Hurd, General Manager of Hopkinsville Electric System/energynet.

energynet has been offering fiber internet service for many years to businesses, and the expansion of the same internet speeds to homes in Hopkinsville has many implications.  Utilizing fiber technology, energynet allows for seamless web browsing, HD video streaming, online gaming – anything that can be done from the computer, tablet and phone, without worrying about the connection slowing down.

Internet packages start at $59.95/month for energynet’s fiber internet service.  The energynet service will be constructed first where the demand dictates.  Hopkinsville and Christian County residents should visit goenergynet.com, input their home address, and express their interest in signing up for energynet service in order to help guide where the next phase of development in the city will be for energynet.

“We would love to deploy faster internet service city-wide all at once; the reality is the implementation of such a project requires a pretty significant construction process.  We developed the goenergynet.com system so that we can learn which areas are most interested in receiving more reliable internet service first,” says Richard Shaw, Telecommunications Manager for energynet.

To find out more, visit goenergynet.com.  Learn more about our Residential and Business internet services.