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New Phone Scam- Credit Refund From Lawsuit Against HES

Unfortunately, we’ve received word from a customer that scammers are once again trying to scam our customers out of...... Read More »
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It’s Getting HOT Outside!

It’s Getting Hot Outside!

As the temperature outside goes up, so does your energy usage. Did you know there are several low-cost or even no-cost tips to reduce your energy usage? Try adjusting your thermostat to 78 degrees in the summer. You can save 1%-3% on your electricity bill for every one degree you turn up your thermostat. That means you keep money in your pocket!

Be sure to take advantage of one of our Quality Contractor Network members to tune up your cooling system for optimal performance and savings.

Take a look below for additional low-cost/no-cost energy saving tips that you can use now to save money or visit www.2escore.com to find a quality contractor today!

Did you know?

There are options to participate in the eScore Program for FREE. Please call the eScore Program at 1-855-237-2673 to learn about options in your area.

Of, if you need ideas on how to make your home more comfortable, our free, self-guided evaluation will walk you through areas of your house where you could be losing energy and money. Receive a FREE energy saving kit and a $10 Home Depot gift card, while supplies last.