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New Phone Scam- Credit Refund From Lawsuit Against HES

Unfortunately, we’ve received word from a customer that scammers are once again trying to scam our customers out of...... Read More »
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New Changes for Online and Phone Payment Systems

HES has implemented changes to the online (HES website) and automated phone payment systems. Changes to both of these payment systems will go into effect April 3rd at 11:59 PM.

Online (HES website) Payment System

Since we know scammers sometimes target our customers, we wanted to make sure all of our customers were aware of the new look for the online payment system, which is shown below. You can pay using the same payment methods as before. Only the look has changed. Rest assured that we take the privacy and protection of our customers very seriously and are always vigilant to make our online payment portal secure.

HES Automated Phone Payment System

There have also been a few changes to the HES Automated Phone Payment System. In addition to menu changes, the biggest change is that you are now required to enter your full 12-digit account number all at once, as opposed to being asked to enter the first 6 digits, then being asked to enter the last 6 digits. You can pay using the same payment methods as before.

New Minimum Credit Card Payment Amount

Also, beginning April 1st, the minimum payment that can be made using a credit card will be $25. This will apply to payments made using the automated phone system, the online payment portal, or in the office at 1820 E. 9th Street.