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Prepay electric customers use less electricity

That’s right! According to recent U.S. electric industry surveys, customers who choose to prepay for their electric service use 11% less electricity on average than customers paying for their electricity by the month. This is because prepay customers receive daily information regarding their energy usage, which makes them more conscious of how their actions influence their electricity costs.

Hopkinsville Electric System (HES) offers a prepay electric service called Pay-As-You-Go. Customers load money into their Pay-As-You-Go account, and the cost of each day’s electricity usage is deducted from the account the following morning. When the account balance gets low, simply load more money into the account. Pay several small amounts or a few large amounts…your choice.

HES recently surveyed its Pay-As-You-Go customers. 84% of the respondents said they were “Satisfied” or “Very Satisfied” with the program. When asked if they felt they were using less electricity, 61% said they either knew or felt they were using electricity. As mentioned earlier, studies have shown that energy consumption is reduced when using a prepay electric service.

When asked what they liked best about the Pay-As-You-Go program, a few responses were:

“I enjoy that it’s not just another chunk of money that has to be paid out—the smaller payments are more manageable. I also enjoy the website where I can track payments and usage, daily if needed.”

“I like that it keeps me energy conscious and more mindful about turning off unused lights or appliances. I feel like it’s helping me to save money as well.”

“I feel more in control of what I use and spend.”

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