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Virtual Home Energy Audit

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused American businesses to become creative to continue serving the American public, while at the same time assisting in fighting the spread of Covid-19. One technology that has developed rapidly is video conferencing. Using high-speed internet and cellular communications, business teams have had online meetings, children have attended school, and ailing people have discussed their illness with their doctor online. In an effort to continue providing high quality services related to energy efficiency, TVA and your local power company have tapped into the video conferencing phenomena to now offer virtual home energy audits. Now, a professional home energy auditor can assess your home and provide valuable insight into how you can save money by lowering your energy bills, without physically coming into your home.

To learn more about how the virtual home energy audit works, watch the short video below. For more detailed information on exactly how the virtual home energy audit will be conducted, and what will be required of your and your device, click here. If you’re ready to schedule your virtual home energy evaluation, call 1-866-237-2673.