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Hopkinsville Electric System - EnergyNet Internet Services – Hopkinsville, KY

Start/Stop/Transfer Service

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the closing of our lobby due to the COVID-19 virus, we are now requiring electric services to be started, disconnected, or transferred online. Click the button below to start your request. All information is encrypted and will be viewed only by HES personnel. A customer service representative will call you as soon as possible to complete your request. For further information, contact us at 270-887-4200.

To start or transfer service:

Click “Start Request” above. You will need photos of items 1 & 2 below to attach to your request:

  1. A current photo ID
  2. Proof you live at the address you are requesting service for (ex. deed, sales contract, lease or rental agreement)
  3. $25 connection fee (cash, check or credit card)
  4. $100 or $400 deposit (no deposit required if signing up for Pay-As-You-Go service)

Deposit Policy:

A residential security deposit ($100 or $400) may be required when service is established with HES. Deposits are based on a credit risk factor. A security deposit is not required for previous HES customers (within past 24 months) with 12 months of good payment history (bill paid in full on or before due date). A letter of credit from a previous electric utility attesting to 12 months of good payment history may also be accepted in lieu of a deposit.

  • Customers may waive the credit score and pay a $400 deposit.
  • Customers transferring an existing service to a new address may require an additional deposit based on past payment history and the amount of the initial deposit.
  • No deposit is required if you sign up for Pay-As-You-Go service.

To disconnect an existing service:

A person listed on the account must click “Start Request” above to request the disconnection process.

  1. You must provide the date you want the service turned off.
  2. Your final meter reading will be taken when the service is disconnected.
  3. If you have a deposit, your final bill will be deducted from the deposit.
  4. If you have a surplus, a check will be mailed to you. If the deposit does not cover your final amount due, a bill for the remaining amount will be sent to the forwarding address you provide.


HES may establish and collect standard charges to cover the reasonable average cost, including administration, of connection, reconnection, or disconnection of service. These fees are listed in the table below.

Establish new service: $25

Transfer service:  $25

Establish/Transfer service after hours: $75

Meter Test

  • If meter is functioning properly: $0 1st test, $25 thereafter
  • If meter is malfunctioning: $0

Returned check charge: $25

Reconnection fees*

  • Reconnect during business hours: $25 + past due amount
  • Reconnect after business hours: $75 + past due amount
  • Reconnect at pole- all hours: $75 + past due amount

Pay As You Go customers should contact HES at 270-887-4200 to determine the exact amount required to reconnect their service.

Meter tampering: $100 + meter cost + estimated usage

*Customers who are reconnected for non-payment may be subject to an updated deposit based on the current deposit policy.