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October 2017 Electric Rate Adjustments

In September 2017, the TVA Board of Directors approved a 1.5% effective retail rate increase for all of their 154 power distributors which includes Hopkinsville Electric System. This pass through to HES customers amounts to an additional $1.50 on the electric bill of the residential customer using 1,000 kilowatt-hours per month. “This modest rate increase will allow us to more effectively deal with a rapidly changing industry while lowering debt levels that directly affect our ability to continue to provide energy at the lowest feasible cost”, said TVA CEO Bill Johnson.

In addition, Hopkinsville Electric System will be implementing a 1.5% rate increase to recover our fixed cost and fund system improvements. This amounts to an additional $1.75 on the monthly electric bill of the average HES residential customer. “HES works very hard to provide the highest quality service at the lowest cost and has avoided a rate increase for over 4 years. However, this rate increase is needed to continue to provide the level of service and reliability that our customers have come to expect”, says HES/EnergyNet General Manager Jeff Hurd.

Both of these rate changes will become effective October 1, 2017 and complete details on HES electric rate schedules can be found on our website www.hop-electric.com or call 270-887-4200.