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TVA and HES Call to Conserve Power

TVA, which provides power to 10 million people including the customers of HES, is expecting an all-time peak demand due to extremely low temperatures on Wednesday January 17th, especially during the morning hours between 6am and 10am.

TVA and HES is asking all our customers to reduce load by turning off all unneeded lights, TVs, etc. and postponing use of electric appliances such as dishwashers, dryers, etc.

These small reductions by TVA’s millions of customers can have a huge impact on overall energy usage and help us avoid stressing our generation and transmission grid.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Wednesday, Jan. 17th Update: 11:30 AM

TVA set an all-time peak for energy demand of 34,500 MW this morning at 8:00am CT without any interruptions of electric service or power quality.

HES/energynet  greatly appreciates our customers assistance in managing the electric demand during this extreme cold event.

We will continue to monitor the weather as temperatures will remain cold throughout the weekend and HES/energynet will be prepared for any changes to the system power grid.