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Virtual Home Energy Audit Now Available

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound effect on many businesses. The business world has had to come up with novel new solutions to continue serving and engaging their customers. This has occurred at HES/energynet as well. Even though our lobby has regretfully been closed for months, we have adapted to allow our customers to continue to do business with us and receive assistance from our customer service representatives and internet technicians. It is now possible to sign up for electric or internet service online without ever having to visit our office.

Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), the federal agency we purchase power from, has also been busy adapting to this new environment. TVA develops many helpful programs for end-use customers, both residential and commercial. In an effort to limit personal contact, TVA is now offering a virtual home audit. This audit involves the homeowner interacting with the TVA energy efficiency expert using their mobile phone or tablet. The expert guides the homeowner thru their residence, asking to see certain aspects of the home using the phone or tablet’s camera to gain a full understanding of the home’s layout, construction, and electric devices. Once this information has been collected, the expert can make recommendations to the homeowner on changes that can be made to the home to save electricity.

To learn more about how a virtual home energy efficiency audit works and what it takes to schedule one for your home, click here.