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Arctic weather pushes electric bills higher

February 4, 2018

A recent arctic blast of unusually low temperatures will cause upcoming electric bills to be higher than normal. As the outdoor temperature dips into the teens or single digits, home heating systems must run longer and more frequently to maintain the desired indoor temperature. Some all-electric heating systems must also activate internal supplement heating elements… Read More »

HES EnergyNet Announces Gig City Project

January 26, 2018

On Thursday, January 25th at the Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours held at Hopkinsville Electric System (HES), EnergyNet, the internet division of HES, announced plans to increase fiber optic internet coverage to the residents of Hopkinsville. A Gig City is a city in which the residents have access to an advanced high speed network… Read More »

TVA Sets All-Time Record on January 17, 2018

January 22, 2018

When arctic temperatures sweep through the area, residential and business heating units work overtime to maintain the indoor temperatures desired by the occupants. Not only do the heating units run for longer periods of time, but some units also switch on internal heating elements to produce additional heat. This causes the demand for electricity to… Read More »

Energy Efficiency Improvement Rebates Available

January 8, 2018

Besides being able to purchase some of the lowest cost electricity in the nation from Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), HES is also able to offer excellent TVA programs to our customers. One such program is the TVA eScore Program. This program assists homeowners in improving the energy efficiency of their home by providing excellent information,… Read More »