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What’s with the Purple Street Lights?

September 9, 2022

Some residents have recently asked us about the purplish colored street lights around town. First, they are not our attempt to get a head start on Halloween decorations. Unfortunately, these high-efficiency LED lights were manufactured with a defect that causes their normal white light to eventually turn purple. We are aware of the problem, and… Read More »

HES Electric Rate Changes

September 1, 2022

In October, Hopkinsville Electric System will implement a 1.7% rate increase spread equally to all our customer rate classes. Over the past two years, HES has experienced dramatic cost increases in all areas of our business including material, transportation and labor expenses which directly impact our electric rates. This rate change will result in an… Read More »

Streaming Video 101

June 28, 2022

What is streaming video? Streaming video refers to entertainment delivered via the internet rather than a traditional cable TV connection. What equipment do I need? To enjoy streaming video, you need: Fast and reliable internet. A streaming device such as: an Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, or Roku Streaming Stick that is connected to… Read More »

New Phone Scam- Credit Refund From Overpayment

June 20, 2022

Unfortunately, we’ve received word from a customer that scammers are once again trying to scam our customers out of money. This latest report is from a customer that said they received a call from an undisclosed person stating that  HES had overcharged them and that the customer had a refund coming to them. The scammer… Read More »